About DefendBC!

DefendBC! is a pilot project of West Coast Environmental Law Association. West Coast Environmental Law Association offers this website as a tool for groups that have applied for support through West Coast Environmental Law’s Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF).

1. Crowdfunding – Coming Soon!

Funding through the EDRF helps British Columbians dealing with environmental disputes to hire lawyers from across BC to work on environmental and public health issues at a legal aid rate, well below regular lawyers rates; however, we typically cannot fund the full amount these groups require to resolve their disputes.

That’s why we decided to invite you to join us in supporting these important projects – through crowdfunding. Now a widespread and popular fundraising method because of its effectiveness, crowdfunding can help communities harness the power of their supporters and augment their EDRF grant. Read our FAQs on crowdfunding.

2. ‘Speak Out’ Tool

Our grantees also often need help getting their voices heard with key decision-makers in government, so we’re pleased to offer them the technology to create on-line emails that their supporters can email to the government.

All content about particular projects on this site is created and administered by the community group that is inviting you to support its cause. West Coast Environmental Law Association and the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund are seeking to provide a resource for grassroots community groups and are in no way responsible for the materials generated by these groups.

Any funds raised go to the grassroots organizations supported (See our FAQs page for more information on crowdfunding and sending on-line emails). If you wish to support West Coast Environmental Law financially, please visit the West Coast Environmental Law website.

For more information see our FAQ page or contact us at legalaid@wcel.org.